Quick Answer: Antigua To Chichicastenango Bus?

How do I get to the Chichicastenango market?

The best way to get to Chichicastenango if you are coming from Antigua or Guatemala City is to take a direct shuttle. You can book your shuttle through GuateGo here. If you want to travel to Chichicastenango from Lake Atitlan you will need to make your way to Panajachel.

How do I get from Antigua to Lake Atitlan?

How to Get from Antigua to Lake Atitlan

  1. By Private Transfer. Duration: 2+ hours (traffic dependent)
  2. By Private Tour. Duration: full day (or longer)
  3. By Private Taxi or Rideshare. Duration: 2+ hours (traffic dependent)
  4. By Helicopter. Duration: <25 minutes (or half/full-day tour)
  5. By Rental Car.
  6. By Shared Shuttle.
  7. By Chicken Bus.

How far is Antigua from Guatemala?

The distance between the 500-year-old colonial city of Antigua and Guatemala City is 25 miles (41 km), but the curved roads and frequent traffic can make the journey between them much longer than the hour that’s projected.

How do I get from Panajachel to Chichicastenango?

There are 4 ways to get from Panajachel to Chichicastenango by taxi, bus, car or shuttle

  1. Take a taxi from Panajachel to Los Encuentros.
  2. Take the bus from Los Encuentros to Chichicastenango Boulevar Liberación/El Trebol.

Is Chichicastenango worth going to?

Since Chichicastenango is usually a day trip destination, you may be wondering if it’s really worth the trek. Is the Chichicastenango Market worth visiting? A lot of people seem to ask this question. After going to the market and experiencing it ourselves, our answer is an absolute yes.

What can you buy in Chichicastenango?

For those shoppers keen on souvenirs that reflect Guatemala’s rich Mayan heritage, here are our five key picks.

  1. Handwoven Scarf. Scarfs are chic and versatile.
  2. Tablecloth or Runner.
  3. Pottery.
  4. Coffee.
  5. Jewelry.
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Is it safe in Antigua Guatemala?

Antigua Guatemala is known to be a ‘pretty safe‘ city within the Latin American backpacker trail, and while this is true, that doesn’t mean crime doesn’t occur. Muggings and pickpocketing happen more frequently than you might think, but if you keep your wits about you there’s no reason to feel wary.

Can you swim in Lake Atitlan?

The Rules: Swimming in Lake Atitlan

There are no “rules” for swimming in Lake Atitlan – except don’t swim around the boat traffic, because you will piss the boat drivers off if they hit you. You are more than welcome to swim anywhere but do be aware of bacterial issues that Lake Atitlan faces.

How far is Tikal from Antigua?

The distance between Antigua Guatemala and Tikal is 319 km. The road distance is 567.3 km.

How much is an uber from Guatemala City to Antigua?

The price of taking a Uber or Lyft from Guatemala City to Antigua is between $20 and $35 (Q154-270).

How much is a taxi from Guatemala City to Antigua?

2. Taxi to Antigua from Guatemala City. A taxi from Guatemala City to Antigua will be around $35. That’s a lot of money – especially if you are on a tight budget.

Is Antigua Guatemala worth visiting?

Antigua Guatemala has fast become one of Central America’s most popular cities, and for good reason. A designated UNESCO World Heritage site, Antigua pulses with activity and boasts awe-inspiring architecture, absorbing culture and seriously impressive views.

How do I get from Panajachel to Antigua?

Just over 50 miles (80 km) from the colonial city of Antigua, you can reach Panajachel by private transfer, taxi or Uber, shuttle bus, local bus, or rental car. The drive usually takes 2.5 hours.

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How do you get from Guatemala City to Lake Atitlan?

Option 1: Take A Shuttle Bus – Price 25$

Shuttles leave regularly from Guatemala City Airport to Panajachel. However most shuttles are not direct and do stop over in Antigua. This makes the total travel time to the lake around 4 1/2 hours.

How do I get from Panajachel to Guatemala City?

The quickest way to get from Panajachel to Guatemala City Airport (GUA) is to taxi which costs $80 – $100 and takes 1h 45m. How far is it from Panajachel to Guatemala City Airport (GUA)? The distance between Panajachel and Guatemala City Airport (GUA) is 69 km. The road distance is 110.5 km.

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