Quick Answer: Guatemala City To Monterrico?

How do you get to Monterrico Guatemala?

The most budget way how to get to Monterrico is by chicken bus. There are direct buses from Guatemala City’s Terminal Central Sur in Zona 12. There is no direct public bus from Antigua, it is necessary to switch the bus several times to get to Monterrico.

How much is an uber from Guatemala City to Antigua?

The cost can be as low as $18 USD outside of peak times but on average you will be looking at around $23 USD for an uber to Antigua. The biggest issue with Uber is the traffic. It may not look far on the map from Guatemala City to Antigua but believe me, if you are traveling during peak times it can take hours!

What is Monterrico famous for?

The town of Monterrico is situated on the Pacific coast of Guatemala in the departament of Santa Rosa. Known for its volcanic black sand beaches and annual influx of sea turtles, the town also serves as a major weekend beach resort for citizens of Guatemala City.

How do you get from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango?

The quickest way to get from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango is to taxi which costs $140 – $180 and takes 2h 59m. Is there a direct bus between Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Guatemala City and arriving at Xela. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day.

Is Antigua Guatemala safe for tourists?

Overall, however, Antigua is a safe spot in a dangerous continent. In 2018, 42 of the world’s 50 most violent cities were in Latin America, so the biggest safety issue facing overland travellers is where to go next and how to get there in one piece.

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Is Uber safe in Guatemala City?

Yes, Uber IS safe in Guatemala. Officially, Uber operates in Guatemala City and Antigua. People even take an Uber all the way from Guatemala City to Antigua.

How far is Quetzaltenango from Guatemala City?

Distance from Quetzaltenango to Guatemala City is 110 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 68 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Quetzaltenango and Guatemala City is 110 km= 68 miles.

What is Quetzaltenango known for?

Quetzaltenango is a centre for trade between the coast and the highlands and a processing centre with textile factories, mills, and breweries. The city has preserved much of its Neoclassical architecture.

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