Weather in guatemala in september

What is the best time of year to visit Guatemala?

In general, the best time of year to visit weather-wise is in December and January, when everything is still green from the rains, but the sky is clear. If you want to avoid the crowds, I recommend traveling during “shoulder” periods, near the end or beginning of the rainy season, when the weather is still pretty good.

Is September a good month to visit Mauritius?

The temperature starts to increase again in September as do the hours of sunshine making September a good time to visit Mauritius. Together with October and November, this month is one of the driest. The weather favours the west and north coasts still, especially during the first half of the month.

What are the rainiest months in Guatemala?

Quick Climate InfoHottest MonthMay (71 °F avg)Coldest MonthJanuary (65 °F avg)Wettest MonthSeptember (4.28″ avg)Windiest MonthJanuary (14 mph avg)

How cold is Taiwan in September?

Weather: Autumn begins from September, but weather still feels rather hot in the south, with average low and high temperature at 27 °C (80 °F) and 29 °C (85 °F), while in the north the weather starts to cool off a bit towards the end of the month.

What is the hottest month in Guatemala?


Can you wear shorts in Guatemala?

Modest, feminine clothing is a must when visiting Guatemala. Skirts or dresses that fall below the knee are a common choice for business and pleasure. Khaki pants or dress slacks can also be worn in some areas, though shorts are typically discouraged and often identify a woman as a tourists.

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Is Mauritius hot in September?

Mauritius has two distinct seasons, a warm and humid summer from November to April, and a cooler and drier winter from June to September. Mauritius is quite mountainous, which means there’s different weather across the island. It’s a bit warmer and drier in the north and west than in the south and east.

Does it rain in Maldives in September?

The Maldives in September

September is one of the Maldives’ wettest months. It sees average maximum temperatures of 30°C, and there’s still an average 7 hours of sunshine each day.

Which side of Mauritius is best in September?

The north and west is the better area in September. Take a look at the Sands, Hilton, Sugar Beach, Le Pirogue in the west of the island.

How safe is Guatemala?

Guatemala has one of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America, one of the world’s highest homicide rates and a very low arrest and detention rate. Most incidents of violent crime are drug- and gang-related. They occur throughout the country, including in tourist destinations.

Does Guatemala get cold?

Guatemala’s weather is eternally comfortable: neither too hot nor too cold. Its seasons tend to be divided into the dry season and the wet season, although the temperature,which averages 22°C (72°F) across the country, varies more according to altitude than by season. … Temperatures can fall sharply at night.

What is Guatemala known for?

Guatemala is best known for its volcanic landscape, fascinating Mayan culture and the colorful colonial city of Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But this small Central American country has a wealth of homegrown produce and talent.

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Is it good to visit Taiwan in September?

September to November — Fall / Good Season

The weather in Taiwan is balmy and cold. The southern part of the country remains warm, but the north begins to cool down. There is little to no rainfall during this season, compared to the summer periods, so this is a good time to enjoy outdoor activities.

Is September a good time to visit Taiwan?

Weather-wise, September to November is considered the best time of the year to visit Taiwan. This season offers the perfect combination of cool and dry weather. During most of September, the south stays warm, but temperatures begin to cool down in northern Taiwan, although they’re still pleasant.Guatemala

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