Second largest city in guatemala

What are the main cities in Guatemala?

These are the 5 main cities of Guatemala that have a lot to tell you:

  • Guatemala City (Ciudad de Guatemala) This is one of the first cities you have to visit, Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala and has a lot of impressing places to visit. …
  • Quetzaltenango. …
  • Antigua Guatemala. …
  • Puerto Barrios. …
  • Escuintla.

What is the 2nd largest city in the world?


What is the second largest city in Europe?

Largest citiesRankCityCountry1BerlinGermany2MadridSpain3RomeItaly4ParisFrance

Which is the second largest city in Spain?


What is Guatemala known for?

Guatemala is best known for its volcanic landscape, fascinating Mayan culture and the colorful colonial city of Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But this small Central American country has a wealth of homegrown produce and talent.

Are there states in Guatemala?

Each department has a capital, and divided into municipalities. Guatemala is divided in 22 Departamentos, these departments are somewhat equivalent to states in the U.S. and to provinces in Canada, although it’s government administration is very linked with Guatemala City.

What is the richest city in the world?

NYC is the leading city for the wealthy—here are the top 10 richest cities in the world

  1. New York. Number of individuals with a net worth of $5 million or more: 120,605.
  2. Tokyo. Number of individuals with a net worth of $5 million or more: 81,645. …
  3. Hong Kong. …
  4. Los Angeles. …
  5. London. …
  6. Paris. …
  7. Chicago. …
  8. San Francisco. …

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Which is biggest city in the world?

Tokyo is considered the world’s largest city, with its urbanisation exceeding its city limits.

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What is the busiest city in the world?

Tokyo, Japan

Is Paris bigger than Rome?

Paris is bigger, but Rome is more ancient. You should visit both. Both are very beautiful cities but Paris hands down.

Is Paris bigger than Barcelona?

Paris has approximately 11.9 million residents, with 19 percent living in the historical core of the ville de Paris. … Barcelona ranks fourth largest, with a population of 5.4 million, with 30 percent living in the historical urban core municipality.

Is Berlin bigger than New York?

Tokyo is the most populated metropolitan area in the world, but it’s also much larger than New York City. Their population density 15,604 per square mile compared to our more stifling 27,578. Berlin is similar in size to New York City, but way more sparsely populated.

Which is the hottest city in Spain?


What are the 3 biggest cities in Spain?

Spain – 10 Largest CitiesNamePopulation1Madrid , Madrid3,255,9442Barcelona , Catalonia1,621,5373Valencia , Valencia814,2084Seville , Andalusia703,206Guatemala

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